Emma Howse
Hey! I'm Emma, Influencer Account Executive at Disrupt. My influencer journey began at university, finding myself engrossed within every marketing lecture and lesson I had. Progressing to final year I chose to write my dissertation on Influencer marketing and the effects on my own generation being at the forefront of the market. 17,000 words later and I knew that my interest for the influencer world was set in stone. Although this is my first corporate step into influencer marketing, Disrupt has allowed me to take my position as Influencer Account Executive by the horns. Leading successful campaigns, maintaining excellent client relationships and having a blast while doing it with my team is a daily occurrence.
"Anyone can be an influencer". Well, actually they can't... In this article we explore the realities of being an influencer and the skills, know-how and talent it takes behind the scenes to be a success!
11 October 2022 7 MIN READ