May 23, 2018 - 4 minutes read

How to harness the power of unboxing videos for your next product launch

Playing on our innate human curiosity, unboxing videos are a great way for a brand to connect with their audience through creditable influencers that people trust.

The stats don’t lie. A study by Google showed the number of consumers who had watched an unboxing video is an impressive 1 in 5. The term “unboxing” had over 60 million searches and 3 billion views on YouTube in 2017, more than triple the number in 2013. 

The magic behind unboxing videos is that they tap into the child-like anticipation that we all feel for something shiny and new. The videos also have a practical use too, giving consumers a look into what exactly to expect when they get a product off the shelf and into their hands.

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger, the biggest unboxing YouTuber with nearly 11 million fans. 

Brands are starting to understand the power of the unboxing trend, working with online influencers to create exciting ways to deliver branded content in an informative way that builds trust.

After working with some of the biggest unboxers in the world for our latest campaign for clients, check out our “how to” guide in getting attention for your brand through the power of unboxing videos.

How to work with unboxers

Do your research 
There is a wave of influencers across the web who are reviewing products, start by doing some research on who the best ones are for your brand. Search similar products and make a short list of the following making sure you ask yourself some key questions such as:

  1. Does their content style and personality, does it reflect your brand and values?
  2. Will your product connect with their audience and work for the channel?
  3. Is their a natural fit between influencer and product, do they review similar items?

Know your budget 

Think about budget up front. Unboxing video prices can vary depending on audience size and the product you want them to talk about, quotes can range from the hundreds to the tens-of-thousands with the bigger global influencers. Be prepared not to have a dedicated video as most unboxers will cover three or four products in each of their videos as this is what works best for their audience. A dedicated video from a large influencer unboxer can cost more than £50,000, so be realistic to size of influencer your brand can afford.

Let them do the creative 

Unboxers understand their audience more than you, let them work your brand’s story into their content style that will ultimately deliver you the best results.

As Austin Evans, an unboxer with over 3 million subscribers, says:

“Trust the YouTuber. It’s a different world on YouTube, we have very personal relationships with our audiences and they’re 100% tuned in to authenticity. The best result is a collaboration that results in a cool video that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise”

For an example of how to embed the brand naturally check out this campaign with Austin and Marshall audio launching the latest Marshall audio headphones

Be real, be prepared

The product has to be good, these guys won’t just take the money as it’s about real reactions and creditability. Make sure you pull together all the facts and present your brand in the best light. Highlight what makes the product special, the tech features and talking points and why your brand deserves to be on the unboxer’s channel. Having these things prepped will give you the best chance of success and also showcase to the unboxer why your product should be featured. 

“If I’m not into it, there’s no video. I have to be excited about it,” says Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger.

“The unboxing video sort of fits in between what a brand wants you to know about a product and what it will feel like for you to have it. That’s what I like about it. It’s my reaction, which is impossible to fake.”

Measure your success

Make sure you think about how you are going to judge your campaign, are you just looking for brand exposure or do you want to partner for driving sales? In our view this part of the campaign should be focused on driving brand awareness and an unboxing video should be used as part of a wider strategy, giving a layer of creditability and helping to drive brand fame.

Make sure you arrange to get data from your influencers to understand the impact, and where possible, give unique codes and links to offer to their fans to help track uplift. If you want to track the campaign fully, think about using a tracking and management platform such as our Fame Tracker product which can measure the campaign and report on social activity and brand uplift.

Unboxing can be great way to get your brand attention, working with creatives who understand your audience while placing your brand in front of consumers in a credible format that will help grow your brand’s fame. 

If you’re interested in working with influential unboxers or influencer in general for your brand, get in touch with our team at Disrupt to see how we can help.

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Leona Mc Caul