House of Marley, the popular electronics brand, have always been committed to delivering only the best in class audio products. Built on the principles of superior quality, eco-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes, House of Marley set their sights on earning the attention of a music conscious youth audience.

A multi-channel strategy was created in an effort to make House of Marley famous, with a powerful influencer campaign at its core. As a result, millions of people were reached with the House of Marley message – 22.3 million of them to be exact!


House of Marley needed a campaign that would continue to raise brand awareness, launch their new Bluetooth product range, and drive engagement for the brand.

Brand Strategy – Align UK channels with the brand’s target audience.

  • Own the Moments – Support an always-on strategy with content production.
  • Develop the #TeamMarley influencers campaign 
  • Bring House of Marley to life – Partner with key events to increase brand exposure with the target audience.
  • Content and Social – Provide brand assets to deliver a content strategy.


The strategy was truly multi-channel and influencers were the core of our campaign – but we didn’t stop there. To make House of Marley famous we would need to integrate a range of channels online and offline. Influencer, social content, event and paid media were all brought together to gain attention for House of Marley – and it worked.


We drew up a list of 33 influencers for the House of Marley campaign which included musicians and artists who have a passion for their craft, a love for freedom and values, and therefore aligned well with House of Marley ethos. All image rights were secured from each influencer – this was especially important for the paid social ads.


During the second week of August, the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall became the setting for the House of Marley stage. Influencers and audiences were brought together and over the weekend an estimated 30,000 people danced their way through the branded arena.


From content for social media to content for paid media ads, no stone was left unturned when it came to the creative part of #TeamMarley. Our influencers played a key part in content creation, and activity included everything from photoshoots to video creation.


The really clever bit came when we constructed audience lists from the followers and subscribers of the #TeamMarley influencer’s Facebook & YouTube channels, giving us ready to engage audience lists with aspirations in-line with the brand’s products and values.

Influencers, Event, Paid Social, Content

  • 33 Influencers Selected
  • #TeamMarley Influencer welcome pack created
  • Image rights secured
  • Boardmasters festival activation
  • Branded Arena
  • Photoshoots
  • Video creation
  • Influencer creative content reworked for Paid Social
  • Facebook, Youtube & Instagram
  • Constructed audience lists using Influencer followers


When it came to analysing the campaign results, we had no doubt that we had smashed our given targets. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 22.3m Targeted people reached
  • 10K+ New fans on Instagram & Twitter
  • 1.25m #TeamMarley content views
  • 614k video views of #LiveMarley content
  • 163k Website clicks
  • 92k Paid media clicks 29% cheaper than target CPC


“Disrupt delivered an impressive content and influencer campaign that truly embodied the House of Marley brand, as well as connected with our core audience. With such a competitive landscape, this kind of cut-through activity is essential, and we look forward to continuing to work with Disrupt next year”


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