16 Disruptive Moments of 2015

December 23, 2015 - 13 minutes read

2015 is the year that saw various highlights within the glorious world of culture, entertainment and Media. From chart toppers to spell-binding performances and brands winning Big! There is never a time when our jaws aren’t dropping. Let us break it down for you.

1. American Express ‘Shutdown’ VEVO thanks to Skepta



Ahead of its retargeted 2016 millennial spend in the UK, Amex cleverly borrowed the Grime culture this year buying out an impressive media spend of £300K against Skepta’s shutdown video. They reserved and bought exclusively all of the advertising impressions around the launch of the video.

Not many people will see the behind the scenes cleverness of certain brands, as its media agencies and planners get clever using programatic advertising to deliver against audiences. As back door as this seems, theres reason to be optimistic. The futures bright for the influencers of UK youth culture, with increasing visibility and brands recognising the commercial viability of the audiences they touch. The challenge is for us to recognise this happening and leverage better deals and decisions on how to deliver content to the fans.

We must give the single an honorable mention, while we may have seen Skepta unleash his inner bromance with US rapper, Drake, this Grime classic proves that there’s more to the London rapper than hearts and roses. After chasing chart success throughout his rise to prominence, Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’ made its debut in March earlier this year and managed to score a place in the UK’s ‘Top 40’ for a number of weeks. This may just be Skepta at his greatest. Not only this, the value of Skepta’s reach was commercially recognised.

2. Buzzfeed Launches branded video in the UK


Buzzfeed step in to take a bigger piece of the $1bn branded content pie, opening up its commercial video arm to British advertisers – with Costa first on the list – 18 months after it launched in the US.

3. Kanye West Causes a Storm at the Brit Awards with New Single ‘All Day’

on stage during the BRIT Awards 2015 at The O2 Arena on February 25, 2015 in London, England.The 2015 Brit Awards left the whole of the British nation on the edge of their seats…literally. Yeezy lit up the stage with his new single, ‘All Day’ with a few of his British pals such as JME and Skepta to pay homage to his single. Whilst the performance wasn’t anything fancy, apart from the flames of course, the star managed to leave the nation wanting more. Even Taylor Swift wanted to get in on the mix.

4. Adidas Win big with Stormzy


Stormzy has had a big year. No doubt about it, however its the early brands that become the real winners attaching themselves to the influencers. Some associations flow more naturally the others, and the impact can vary. However, Stormzy has delivered far beyond for Adidas that a gifting relationship should ever. We don’t claim to know the ins and outs of Stormzy relationship with Adidas, but what we do know is this; he has profoundly impacted Adidas’ reputation. Their brand trend rise 40% since this time last year. No coincidence the data correlates to Stormzy’s consistent release schedule.


We took a selection of YouTube videos of which Stormzy can be associated with Adidas, a combined view total of over 27.7 Million views to calculate the value that this endorsement on one channel alone (not to mention TV, Social Media reach, Likes etc) was worth.

At a base youtube ad rate of £2CPM (Cost per thousand views) Usually a pop up ad or trueview, with no association with the content itself – would cost Adidas over £50K to advertise against. Considering the level of endorsement, with Stomzy wearing the brand so heavily, we could map a £10 CPM against the views, which would cost Adidas £270K to advertise against. The endorsement on YouTube videos alone is worth between £150-250K and the impact its had should yield a premium. For contrast, Rita Ora’s Adidas deal was worth £1.6 Million last year.

5. The Rated Awards Makes Its First Ever Debut


2015 saw the launch of GRM and KA’s Rated Awards – the first every awards ceremony purely dedicated to Grime and UK Hip Hop. The evening was topped off with guest appearances with the likes of Giggs, Paigey Cakey and no one other than the infamous, Charlie Sloth who picked up an award for ‘Best Looking Fat Man In the World’. Although Sloth had a few words of kindness for his haters, he managed to walk offstage with a full blown smile. Now, that’s how you accept an award.

6. Ed Sheeran is Announced As Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist


Let’s be honest, Ed Sheeran has come a long way since busking on the streets of London. To top off his success, Spotify recently announced the guitar strumming phenomenon as the first ever artist to crack half a billion plays on Spotify after his single,’Thinking Out Loud’ hit an all time high. The streaming service announced the news via their blog before commending the star’s success with a ‘Sheerio’ index listing the highest concentration of ‘Sheerios’ in each country, as Sheeran calls his fans. If you’re ever hoping to lure someone into a Netflix and Chill situation, Ed’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is sure to have all the answers.

7. Drake Follows GRM on Instagram


If seeing ‘champagnepapi’ followed” you in your Instagram notifications isn’t enough to make your day, we don’t know what is. Drizzy isn’t only legendary in rap, but legendary in our hearts too.

8. Facebook Launches 360 Videos


Ever wanted to dive into your screen and watch a video evolve from your own eyes? Well, it looks like Facebook finally got the memo after the service launched the addition of 360-degree videos that will enable all users to view the world from various perspectives. Smartphone users will also be able to view videos in motion whilst turning their devices in accordance. Pretty smart, right? If you dream of seeing the world like never before, Facebook is sure to be your best bet.

9. UK Music Start up Crowdmix secures $22 Million investment for social music network


London based Social Music app Crowdmix became the largest ever pre-launch invested start-up in Europe securing over $22 Million to take conversations around music into a new world. We’ve been working with the Disruptive music start-up helping the product preposition and go to market strategy for 2016.

10. Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Soars to the Top of Billboard’s Hot 100 (along with the rest of the album)


Justin Bieber has been making waves once again with his new album, ‘Purpose’ which shot straight to number one on iTunes and also made its headway in the Billboard Top 100. To make matters more exciting, ‘Purpose’ sold 522,000 in pure album sales – Bieber’s largest sale week ever after surpassing his 2012 album, ‘Believe’ which sold 374,000 in its first week. Whilst his blonde locks may be a glorious highlight, his talent for musicality remains untouched. It looks like the Biebs isn’t taking a back seat just yet.

11. Google Rebrand their logo for the first time


Google introduced a new sans-serif and slightly toned-down four-colour logo on Tuesday in the biggest redesign since 1999.

12. Apple Launch Apple Music


Apple has launched its Apple Music streaming service, kicking off a three-month free trial with hopes of competing with entities as varied as Spotify, broadcast radio and Facebook. Beats 1 has become a huge success in the music community, and with a bit of a clunky user experience we are sure the long game with Apple Music can catch up with the leaders. The Big question however, who will lead? With the Disruptive Generation using YouTube as the main platform for consuming music, the future is still wide open for Disruption.


13. Disrupt partners House of Marley with YouTuber “Fun for Louis”


Working with House Of Marley and their fantastic range of audio products, we built and delivered an influencer marketing campaign with Travel and Lifestyle Vlogger Fun For Louis. Delivering 200K YouTube views and 900K snapchat opens, we ran this alongside a media strategy devised by Disrupt including All4, Facebook, twitter and Youtube advertising.

14. Apple Pay makes its UK Debut


UK shoppers with apple devices were able to use the secure payments in over 250,000 shops as the mobile revolution starts to disrupt banking. We’ve been using the watch and phone to touch in and out of tubes, McDonalds and many other convenient touch points.

15. GRM Daily Chips away hitting 1.8 Million monthly hits


With the growth of the UK urban culture seeing an unprecedented swell this year, GRM Daily’s position at the forefront as the Leading UK entertainment website solidified its position even further, with an impressive 22% growth this year. Supported by a Buzzing YouTube channel, where we saw Chip hit 1 million video views in a few short weeks on the YouTube channel

16. Disrupt help Alize steak a claim in the UK with influencer and content campaign



Alize have staked a claim in the Uk with a end of year marketing campaign with Disrupt. We’ve put together the #AlizeHour for their end of year promotion, and bought together Grime Legend Big Narstie and Made In Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop for a series of cocktail ads promoting the #AlizeHour.

**Youtube Music key

Youtube Music Key launched in the last quarter this year, however we’ve omitted this from the last as we believe the impact both short term and long term is none existent. If its hard enough getting people to pay for music streaming (largely the older generation) then getting the next generation post millennials and millennials to pay will be 2016’s biggest struggle. We’re not even convinced the most exclusive of content will convince these kids to sign up, especially to a traditional free platform that allows them to rip the content in the first place. The Play store offer may tempt some of an older demographic, who already use Google Play on Android devices, but our consensus is a big no.

Written by Matt Thorne and Contribution by @ChaneHarley

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