5 Ways To Get Rich or Die Trying with Social Media

June 25, 2015 - 4 minutes read

Most people have a vision of earning enough to ditch their job and do what they really love most in life. There is just one problem with dreaming; it’s not a reality. Understand these three simple facts about getting rich.

– Most people just want to quit work. Stop being lazy and realise you have to work harder and smarter than anyone else.
– You need to have a relentless passion that prioritizes everything in your life (at least for a few years).
– You have to be unique or freaking Mark Zuckerberg to get rich in a hurry.

Social media is the new business phenomenon that makes it possible for you to turn your passion into an income. There are some basic things that you need to do to become one of the thousands of people that are getting what they wanted from social media that they never got the satisfaction of from a lame 9-5.

Use as many channels as you can

Build a following across every single social media outlet that you can maximises your exposure. Posting high quality content across multiple channels can make you the newest target for brands to endorse your lifestyle. Potential customers and companies will judge you on their first impressions of your online presence so provide professional, high quality content and keep your fans wanting more.

Search for sponsorship

You may wish to consider sponsorship from established companies, blogs, and web sites that complement your business. If you have a growing audience, companies may be able to work with you and offer products directly to your customers – and will pay you for that privilege! Never sell out or sell yourself short and above all keep your customers happy as priority number one! Who doesn’t want free money?

Promote your self is through affiliates

An affiliate can be a business or a person that gets a piece of the profit for showing your web site and products on their site. This could be as simple as an ad or could involve people posting your products or services regularly on social media sites and ad sites. Many blogs list their favourite news outlets in the sidebar; try swapping links with other writers and gain traffic from larger websites linking back to yours! Quid Pro Quo!

Analyze what you are offering

Think about WHO is most likely to buy what you are selling, what is their age range, their gender, their interests and most importantly HOW do they speak and WHAT are they engaging with online. Work out what your audience want using the social media analytics and insight tools that each platform provides and give it to them

& remember…..

A video is worth 10,000 words.

Talking about how great your product or service is doesn’t compare to a professionally created product video that visually explains what your business offers. There are free online website and mobile apps to make videos and Youtube tutorials to do almost everything else so there really is no excuse to create the best content to sell your product via social media.

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