The chatbots are rising and your brand needs one

February 7, 2017 - 4 minutes read

The use of chatbots are rising and they are rapidly becoming the Connected Generations’ new favourite tool.

It’s a fact that millennials love to chat. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger are now bigger than social networks and there is no sign of their growth slowing down. These apps fulfil their need to take part in multiple conversations with their friends, family members and colleagues – merging reality with digital. And in 2017 a new way of conversing will be thrown into the mix.

Introducing the chatbot, a service you interact with using a chat interface. Just think of the bot as a digital human friend. Brands can now use chatbots within messaging apps to get all up in the business of their customers and develop a personal relationship with them; meeting their desire for instant communication.

By using artificial intelligence, chatbots constantly learn how to think and respond like a human. So they can be trusted to deliver quality customer service and content that is tailored to fulfil the customers’ needs.

Trailblazing Youth food brand Dominos has tapped into using chatbots with multiple messaging apps. Their easy order service can be accessed ‘anyware’ with a simple tap and click- perfect for Twitter fingered millennials who can order a pizza by using #EasyOrder. And when they are on Facebook, all they have to do is chat to Dominos using Facebook messenger. Simples. If that isn’t instant enough, customers can also chat to them using text, voice, Amazon Echo, Smart watches and TV.

Here’s the thing; customers want to chat to brands they love. Brands can make it easy for them to communicate directly by creating an automated service experience that understands them, satisfies their needs and serves them life-enriching content.

Brands should think about creating a chatbot for these reasons:

+ To offer instant support and advice to your customers.
+ To be authentic – young people want authentic relationships with their favourite brands.
+ To entertain your target audience by serving them content that they will enjoy.
+ To learn about your customers needs giving you insight into how you can develop your product.

To guarantee a successful chatbot experience, make sure you choose the right messaging service to partner with. Find out which apps your target market is using and what conversations they want to have with you. Remember your chatbot should be a helpful and an entertaining service.

At Disrupt, we are backing the chatbot to have a profound impact for brands, we’ve been working hard on a product that allows us to deploy bots as a means for delivering content as the decline of web traffic and the switch to social continues.

Here is our list of recommendations for messaging apps to create your bot on:

Facebook Messenger

You can now embed Facebook Messenger into your website so your customer can have direct access to you when browsing your website.


Skype allows users to add bots to their contacts. Their directory includes an array of apps from health, travel games and life admin.


WeChat has a number of features that makes it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It’s features includes WeChat Mini Programme that allows the user to download other mobile applications within the app itself.


Used primarily for business on the go allowing teams to send files and talk to each other. Slack lets you create a custom app bot and one that acts like another team member.

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