Disrupt joins Found to make more brands famous

October 19, 2017 - 4 minutes read

We are proud to announce that digital performance agency Found has recognised in us what we knew all along – that we make brands famous.

This week we can finally go public with the news that Found has acquired Disrupt. Cleverly mashing the two multi award-winning agencies’ proven expertise in data analytics, social content and performance marketing together with our distinctive approach to connecting brands with culture in the digital marketing arena.

Tina Judic, CEO of Found, says: “From the moment I met the Disrupt team, I was hooked. We’re now faced with an exciting new digital world led by the most connected generation of digital users. Disrupt operates in the thick of these users’ lifestyles, creating experiences and content that connects, entertains and enriches their lives. It is a company that has earned itself an enviable reputation for making brands famous at the cutting edge of culture.”

Found have been smashing it themselves this year with plenty of industry award wins, most notably a Google Premier Partner Award for Video innovation and they see Disrupt bringing an exciting new focus to what they do.

“Bringing together Disrupt’s brilliant understanding of how to successfully manipulate the social space with Found’s own passion for remastering ROI represents a major step change in how we can now elevate the way brands connect with their customers. It provides the industry with an exciting proposition for expanding the way businesses successfully market to these influential digital users to now help all brands to think more disruptively.”

Our agency is fuelled by a passion to positively impact youth culture and it’s our instinctive ability to find the right audiences, create the right content and deliver it in the right moment that has prompted this move by Found.

Phil Kemish, co-Founder of Disrupt, says: “We are really excited to join forces with Found. From the moment we met Tina and the team we could see that they were our type of people: creative, passionate, focused and, above all, we have a shared vision to create a digital agency for the future. By joining our entrepreneurial spirit, experience and talented people together, we believe we will be able to take what we’ve developed and super-charge it at scale to help our clients innovate and succeed in the rapidly changing disruptive digital era.”

Matt Thorne, co-Founder of Disrupt, says: “We believe the future of marketing lies in the ability to understand and measure content and engagement. We strive to go deeper and beyond the vanity metrics to really create brand fame. Together with Found, we have a real opportunity to solidify this approach and break the barriers of ROI for our clients, enabling us to offer truly exciting and measureable content on digital channels that has real impact and authenticity to the audiences.”

The Disrupt team have relocated to Found’s Smithfield headquarters and we’re all super charged to take things to the next level for both Found and Disrupt.