We’ve coined the phrase Brandtrepreneur, here’s what it means

July 1, 2015 - 3 minutes read
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Definition: Brandtrepreneur® (∼noun.)

A Brandtrepreneur® is an influencer, brand, company or organisation that acts entrepreneurially to create business and revenue through innovative content technology or partnerships.

The new generation of 21st century entrepreneurs use technology and social media platforms to their advantage to spread awareness of their profile and brand. From musicians to video gamers; make-up artists to dance collectives, the rise of social media has created opportunities for brands to expand their reach by targeting the fan bases of the engaged Influencers.


“Since Phil and I first met four years ago, we’ve been working with brands and talent and have seen an increasing amount of companies looking to collaborate with content creators, publishers and entrepreneurs then ever before.“


We have been at the forefront of connecting talent with brands through campaigns, endorsements and collaborations. From an exclusive range of headphones between UK rapper Tinchy Stryder and Currys, to a hat range between SB.TV YouTuber Jamal Edwards, Topman and collegiate apparel brand American Freshman. We believe the future of marketing revolves around the ability to collaborate on new products and content that returns revenue, leveraging technology and influencers to build value and create awareness.

“Michelle Phan’s Ipsy is an amazing example of Brantrepreneurship, building a multi-million member paid for make-up box subscription service off the back of a massive YouTube following”


In today’s startup culture a new generation of creators with massive audiences, brands and entrepreneurs are mixing to create exciting new products, brands and content that leverages audiences and marketing spend create new businesses and ancillary revenue streams.

“A Brandtrepreneur® has the drive to innovate and build their passion into a global brand of it’s own. We believe that the social generation, influencers with millions of followers, be it artists, YouTubers, Instagrammers or young businesspeople define a Brandtrepreneur®; they are the Disruptors who build and influence the next generation of consumers”

The power of the Influencer is increasingly becoming more effective than most advertising campaigns. The best Influencers can persuade customers to purchase goods, engage with brands, share information, input data and above all; gain a cool factor. Social channels like Instagram and Snapchat are making these products more personal and more authentic, they are becoming integrated into engagement and peoples lives. Many companies realise their brand perception is too corporate and take a Brandtrepreneurial approach to gain market entry to a younger demographic.

To find out more about Brandtrepreneurs, or to create a project talk to us, we are creating them every day!

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