Driving sales of Alize using influencer marketing and social content.

Alize tasked us with helping them strategically launch an activate their Tesco partnership over the festive season. Our challenge was to find a way to make Alize relevant to the Tesco shopper whilst staying true to its roots in urban culture and hip-hop.


Background Image

Earning Attention

Swag up your cocktails was a huge success, driving both awareness, high view through rate and sales to Tesco online.  #AlizeHour became a campaign in itself where we grew it into a Friday night playlist, and cultural drinking ritual via social media.

Key Stats

  • 3x videos
  • 2x influencers
  • Native uploading
  • Social paid media (Instagram + facebook ads) 
  • 4.2 Million reach
  • 1.3 Million views
  • 800k Engagements
  • 12,607 Clicks

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