Integrated brand communications campaign

KA wanted to get to know their existing consumers. Working with Multiply, and Media Planning agency PHD to 
identify and grow their consumer base with a credible campaign targeting the urban community.

Initial Problem

This was AG BARR brand KA Drinks first ever brand campaign. KA needed to identify, understand their audience and how to target them. Together with Multiply, we took the "Tribe" approach to profile the consumer.

What We Did

With Respect, opportunity and access key to the targeted consumer, we hooked up KA with some of the top urban talent influencers and created an #AAA campaign activated via a media partnership with GRM Daily. We created exclusive #AAA content and gave fans the chance to meet and connect with the artists, and attend a live show.


We have key partner in delivering a multi-award winning advertising campaigns for KA for the last three years. We helped launch all the social media channels, a new website, partnerships with influencers and received over 1 million engagements on our exclusive KA content.

Access All Areas #AAA Campaign
Authentic access, credible artists

Giving access and opportunity to fans, inspiring millions young people

Campaign Images

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