Influencer Strategy: TikTok Brand Campaigns

Explore the world of TikTok influencer marketing and learn how to craft successful brand campaigns on the most visited social media platform.

In this blog, we’re tackling TikTok. Now the most visited site on the planet, the social media platform is a hot topic in the world of influencer marketing. However, it’s not the way to go for every brand and here’s why.

Why use Tiktok for Influencer Marketing?

In 2021, 62% of TikTok’s audience was made up of users between Gen-Z and millennial ages 16-29. But this number has since dropped quite significantly to where younger users now make up 47% of TikTok’s user base. The platform is skewing older with 42% of users now aged 30-49 and even older generations on the rise. While it’s no secret that TikTok is Gen-Z lead, the reality is, your brand likely has an audience on TikTok that you can tap into by leveraging the power of influencers! So if your brand isn’t already, now is the time to build it into your strategy.

If under 30s are who you’re looking to get in front of, you’ve struck gold with the video-sharing app. The fact that TikTok is solely video-based, means easy-to-digest content and bigger potential for viral marketing. Think of the content you share or interact with the most yourself, how much of it is video, and short-form specifically? We bet it’s a lot! Just check out our 2022 trends to see how much this is expected to continue. 

The Viral Potential of TikTok

Now you’ve established that TikTok is the way to go, we can move on to creating this into a campaign. Like any other platform, TikTok is full of influencers, and home to some of the biggest on the planet. It’s rare to see influencer videos on Instagram and YouTube with 10 million+ views but on TikTok, it’s fairly common and the creator doesn’t even need to have a large following for it to happen. While the algorithm can seem random at times, if a video is surrounding something that is trending, the more users’ ‘for you page’ it will appear on. The more people interact with a video, the more shares and more eyes you’ll get on it.

TikTok’s video-based format and short-form content make it highly shareable and conducive to viral marketing. Learn how the platform’s algorithm works and how trending content can help your videos gain visibility and engagement.

Making TikTok Campaigns go Viral

While going viral is not something you can plan with certainty, there are strategies to increase your chances. Being on top of what’s trending, both on social and within general pop culture, means getting a creator to tap into that and use it within content. We did this ourselves in our Madame Tussuad’s campaign.The London attraction wanted to appeal to a younger demographic, so we partnered with influencers known for their strong video content and ability to keep up with what people are consuming. This also means looking at popular TikTok ‘sounds’ and what trends are doing the rounds. The result was hundreds of thousands of impressions and video content that the client was proud to use on their own channels.

Considerations for TikTok Influencer Campaigns

TikTok influencer campaigns are best suited for brand awareness rather than driving link clicks or website visits. This is down to a few updates that are still needed from the platform. Remember that TikTok is fairly young compared to the likes of Instagram and YouTube, so has only become a key platform within marketing over the last 2 years or so. Unlike Instagram, TikTok doesn’t have a story feature where link clicks are most likely due to the easy access, so the only option is linking in their bio (which needs to be negotiated). TikTok also doesn’t allow for captions to be edited once a video has been posted, so if a creator makes a mistake, they have to delete and reupload which isn’t ideal if the video has already gotten views. 

Joining the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Trend

Discover the potential for product-based brands to leverage the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend, which showcases videos of viral and life-changing products. With more than 60 billion views, the hashtag contains countless videos on cheap, cheerful and viral things that people need to buy. From cleaning products to diffusers, if it’s slightly life-changing, it’s on there. Definitely a strategy to consider if you think your brand is worthy enough!

Negotiating Costs and Working with TikTok Influencers

When it comes to working with TikTok influencers, negotiating costs can be a different experience compared to other platforms. Due to the sporadic nature of views and the varying popularity of creators, set costs are not as common on TikTok. This aspect can actually work in your favour if you have a more restricted budget, as there is greater flexibility in finding influencers who align with your brand at a price point that suits you.

When negotiating costs with TikTok influencers, it’s important to consider factors such as the creator’s follower count, engagement rate, content quality, and previous campaign successes. Remember that while follower count is a significant metric, it’s not the sole indicator of an influencer’s effectiveness. A smaller influencer with a highly engaged audience can sometimes yield better results than a larger influencer with less engagement.

Additionally, be sure to communicate your campaign objectives clearly to the influencers you collaborate with. Provide them with a thorough brief outlining your expectations, desired deliverables, and key messaging points. This ensures that both parties are aligned and working towards the same goals.

Crafting a Successful TikTok Influencer Strategy

To craft a successful TikTok influencer strategy, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics and preferences of the platform. Consider the following key elements when formulating your approach:

  • Embrace TikTok’s Viral Potential: TikTok thrives on viral content, so aim to create videos that have the potential to be shared widely. Keep up with trending topics, popular sounds, and challenges to maximize your campaign’s visibility and reach. By tapping into what’s currently popular on the platform, you can increase the chances of your content gaining traction and going viral.
  • Collaborate with Authentic Creators: Authenticity is highly valued on TikTok, and users appreciate genuine content. Look for influencers who align with your brand values and have a natural affinity for your product or service. Authentic collaborations can resonate strongly with the TikTok community and generate higher engagement.
  • Leverage TikTok’s Creative Tools: TikTok offers a wide range of creative tools and effects that can enhance your content and make it more engaging. Experiment with filters, effects, text overlays, and transitions to add visual appeal to your videos. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box to capture users’ attention.
  • Encourage User Participation: Your audience loves to be part of the action. Include elements that encourage their participation, such as challenges, duets, and reactions. By involving users in your campaign, you create a sense of community and increase the likelihood of your content being shared and engaged with.
  • Monitor and Engage with Your TikTok Community: Actively monitor comments, shares, and mentions related to your campaign on TikTok. Engage with users who interact with your content, respond to their comments, and show appreciation for their support. Building a strong relationship with your TikTok community can foster brand loyalty and encourage ongoing engagement.

Remember, crafting a successful TikTok influencer strategy requires experimentation, adaptability, and staying attuned to the ever-evolving trends and preferences of the platform. Continuously analyse the performance of your influencer’s campaigns, gather insights, and refine your strategy to optimize results and achieve your brand objectives on TikTok.

TikTok as a Brand Awareness Tool

TikTok presents a dynamic platform for brands to enhance their brand awareness strategies through influencer marketing. By carefully considering your target audience and aligning with the platform’s user base, TikTok can be a powerful tool to captivate and engage younger demographics. Remember to keep your target audience in mind and evaluate whether TikTok aligns with your brand’s objectives before diving into influencer marketing on the platform.

If you want more information on TikTok campaigns and how they can work for your brand, get in touch. Or if you’re looking to explore influencer strategy further, then check out our influencer tiers blog.

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