At the heart of most brand strategies, you'll find an influencer approach. We believe influencer marketing is key to brand fame. Influencers come in many sizes, from micro influencers to YouTubers and celebrities. We equip your brand with the strategy and right approach to make them work for your brand. We then find and nurture that relationship.

Influencer marketing services

Influencer Strategy

Strategic frameworks that make sense of how your brand can leverage influencer marketing.

Influencer Programs

Managed programs for brands across campaigns managing the relationships with infleuncers


Our experience in talent management allows us to strike bespoke deals with top-tier talent and influencers.

Brand Influencer Networks

Using the tech stack underneath our influencer tracking, we can build and deploy a custom branded CRM network for brands to manage and pay your own influencers. 

Influencer Seeding

We create bespoke seeding programs that get your product to the right influencers.  We can grow and scale these relationships.

Tracking and Monitoring

We can track and monitor your influencer activity through our proprietary software and partners.

Add influence to your audience!

Track and manage your influencer network and campaign performance with the add+fluence platform.

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Fuel your brand with influencer marketing.

Work with us to develop your brands approach to leveraging Influencers. We approach influencer marketing as an always on strategy, driving attention and demand for your brand. Take it further and learn how to leverage the power you create with influencers across your paid media.