Jake Crabb
Hey! I'm Jake, Social Media Manager at Disrupt! With a background as an in-house Social Media Coordinator and Videographer, I was seeking a new challenge and the thought of working within the digital marketing industry itself really excited me. As soon as I started working at Disrupt my knowledge of social media started to expand and I have already learnt so much more about social media through my work here, as well as the wider Influencer Marketing space (which by the way, is incredibly exciting)! From designing creatives, to creating video content, to working with the team on blogs and short-form content, every part of my job is exciting, even the reporting!
World-renowned photographer, storyteller and cultural commentator says a huge part of his success is in finding a way to handle “fear of failure.”
18 October 2023 3 MIN READ
Explore the new AI tools the Disrupt team have been testing within the agency this week.
22 June 2023 5 MIN READ
There is a looming threat within AI that opens up a whole world of trouble for content creators & the influencer marketing industry in its entirety: Deepfakes
31 May 2023 4 MIN READ