Brand Podcasts: Go Big or Go Home!

If there’s a sure-fire way of making sure a brand is visible, it’s to host the podcast themselves.

This month we’ve talked a lot about influencer podcasts and the rising popularity of audio influencers, we’ve gone through the ins and outs of audio and how best brands can utilise this. But one thing we are yet to touch upon is brands creating podcasts themselves. 

Did you know that 20% of people have bought a product or service after hearing about it in a podcast?

If there’s a sure-fire way of making sure a brand is visible, it’s to host the podcast themselves. This ensures that the brand’s products/services have an unlimited amount of exposure, brand messaging will be on point and it also humanises the brand.

At Disrupt, we’re human focused first. We make long lasting connections that help us understand the industry better and show that, hey, we’re just people trying to do a good job too! That approach is something to keep in mind for brands. It’s why influencer marketing has taken such a boost – relatability sells and that’s where podcasts can come in. 

ECCO Walks Podcasts

We’re proud to have launched the UK podcast for fashion brand ECCO. They came to us earlier this year with the idea of creating their own podcast which would be both video and audio. They were already working with audio content  in a different market and wanted us to develop something for the UK. 

At the time, we were working with influencer Alanna Doherty on their Spring Summer shoe campaign, so she was asked to be their very first UK guest. 

The idea behind it was to get the guest to tell their story, their journey through life so far and how it made them the person they are today. Alanna was perfect for this as she had so much to share. 

As the name suggests, the podcast was filmed during a walk, where Alanna and our host Faris (found and hired by Disrupt) chatted about her life for 45 minutes. The result was a super interesting and funny podcast (check out the TikTok dance they do!) that now sits on ECCO’s YouTube and audio platforms. 

Source: ECCO – YouTube

We were then asked to produce a second pod with ECCO employee Caroline, who had a chinwag with Faris around Notting Hill. The promo video for this podcast hit 1.2million views on YouTube! Alanna’s full podcast reached 65k views, the highest out of all ECCO’s markets. With ECCO’s subscriber count being 4.8k, we are super proud of these numbers. 

Other brands podcasts in the mix

Now, it’s not all about us (sadly), there are some other great brand podcasts out there which are killing it. 

eBay – eBay for Business

This podcast is the top e-commerce resource for eBay fans. The series features talks from top sellers, thrifting experts and eBay team members. With a 4.6/5 rating, it’s worth listening to if reselling is your gig. 

Source: Twitter (@eBayForBusiness)

#LIPSTORIES by Sephora

Beauty mega giant Sephora partnered with Girlboss Radio Network to bring a podcast series on fun, honest chats about self-image and how we can feel more confident. The podcast is Sephora Collection branded and positions the company as relatable and empowering. 

Escape your Limits by Escape Fitness

Co-founder of Escape Fitness Mathew Januszek sits down with bodybuilding legends, MMA fighters, and fitness entrepreneurs to discover what keeps them going when others stop. Each episode reveals the mental, physical and emotional ingredients involved in standing above everyone else. If this doesn’t position them as experts, we don’t know what does!

2 Minutes of Zen by Zendium

Toothpaste brand Zendium went creative. The podcast gives you quick and simple wellness hacks to listen to in the 2 minutes that it takes to brush your teeth. With leading health and wellness experts too, this podcast is genius and really goes outside the standard podcast box. 

Work in Progress by LinkedIn

Hosted by Senior Editor Caroline Fairchild, this podcast explores the working world and features discussions with some of the economy’s brightest thinkers. A pretty classic take for the social media brand with 5/5 reviews.

The good news is that branded podcasts are still a fairly unsaturated market. So, if you have a good idea, what’s the harm in trying it out? It could become huge for the brand and get your name out there in a new, amazing way. 

If you have an idea for a podcast but aren’t sure how to execute it, take a look at our work with ECCO and see what we can do for you. 

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