Stevie Johnson
Stevie Johnson is a leading voice in influencer marketing and social media. Currently, Managing Director of influencer marketing agency Disrupt, Stevie’s first experience with influencer marketing was a personal one. A Bafta-winning Made in Chelsea star for 7 series, Stevie was hugely popular and built a large fanbase. At that time, Stevie’s first-hand experience and background in Marketing and Business meant he was one of the first marketers with this unique perspective. Since then, he used it to connect brands, influencers, and their audiences authentically. Stevie has worked with brands such as Disney, Bose, Ford, Peroni, Huel, Puma, and Vinted to activate their influencer campaigns and build influencer marketing strategies. And at Disrupt, Stevie is showing how effective influence marketing can be at the heart of marketing strategy.
Influencer marketing took centre stage for the first time ever at this year's Cannes Lions festival. Stevie Johnson recaps the key insights.
25 June 2024 5 MIN READ
As influencer marketing continues to mature, more brands are considering it as a channel that is part of their always-on strategy.
27 February 2023 4 MIN READ
What role has the rise of influencer marketing played in brands continuing to distance themselves from more traditional marketing types like OOH and television? Find out now!
26 January 2023 5 MIN READ