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15 December 2020 2 MIN READ
We’ve appointed Stevie Johnson, former Made in Chelsea star and veteran influencer, as the Managing Director of Disrupt. Find out more

Influencer Marketing isn’t going anywhere, but brands need to be much more targeted in their approaches and their measurement than they have been over recent years to really see the success the channel can bring. That’s exactly why we’ve appointed Stevie Johnson, former Made in Chelsea star and veteran influencer, as the Managing Director of Disrupt.

Stevie’s appointment comes at an exciting time for us as a company and the industry as a whole, as we all strive towards building on the success that Influencer Marketing can bring to brands as part of a fully integrated digital approach.

Disrupt’s focus has always been on connecting brands with their audiences, powered by data to identify their needs and desires and how brands need to connect with them to drive performance. Whether that is through the creation of social content, connecting with a distinct youth audience, or shaping integrated influencer marketing campaigns that deliver results against business objectives.

This goes hand in hand with Stevie’s approach and outlook on the industry, where the focus for brands needs to be on building lasting partnerships with creators and influencers alike. Too many brands (and agencies) treat influencers as commodities instead of partners, and consumers are becoming more and more aware of it.

Stevie’s unique background on both sides of the table gives Disrupt a level of insight you struggle to find anywhere else, helping to develop strategies and campaigns that work for all parties to really drive the results brands expect to see.

From being an influencer himself he knows what blockers are normally faced when creating and running influencer campaigns and what influencers really need to see from brands to form a successful partnership.

From his previous work agency-side with clients like Ford, Samsung, Peroni and Puma, he knows how brands and agencies need to communicate and work with influencers to get the best results from their campaigns. This goes for both the strategic planning and partnerships as well as measuring the effectiveness and performance the campaigns drive.

This unique blend of experience is one that will enable a new level truly strategic planning and expert execution for our clients, with a distinctive focus on measurement and building lasting, successful partnerships between brands and creators, and it is one we can’t wait to see disrupt the industry.

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