Disrupt’s ‘Status Update’ podcast launches with bonus live episode at Influencer Marketing Show

24 October 2023 3 MIN READ
Disrupt launches new content creator series by focusing on Gen Z live on stage at this Influencer Marketing Show Europe 2023

Former award-winning Made in Chelsea star, Stevie Johnson, is to launch his new content creator podcast series with an initial live episode on stage at this week’s Influencer Marketing Show in London. 

The new podcast Status Update, launching on Spotify and Apple Podcasts delves into the careers of inspirational digital creators to discover how they forged their unique career paths and what advice they have for others on a similar journey. 

‘Status Update Live’ features co-hosts Stevie Johnson, managing director of Disrupt, along with the agency’s ‘voice of Gen Z’ Jake Crabb talking to Jay Richards, co-founder of Gen Z insights agency, Imagen Insights.

Stevie Johnson, managing director of Disrupt, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching Status Update Live at this week’s unrivalled Influencer Marketing Show. It’s the place to be, to be seen, to network and to find out what’s happening in the content creator world.

“Launching with a live broadcast will be exciting, and nerve-wracking, but at Disrupt we like to do things differently. Who better to do that with than our first live guest Jay Richards who prides himself on giving brutally honest feedback to some of the world’s biggest brands.

“One thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss this live Gen Z episode, or the rest of our ground-breaking series on Status Update, the social media and creator podcast for those of us who find good content inspirational and who want to hear from the people behind it.”

The live launch takes place on Thursday, October 26th at the Influencer Marketing Show being held at Old Billingsgate where more than 1500 attendees are expected, including some of the world’s biggest brands, agencies, creators and tech companies. 

‘Status Update’ has been designed for listeners with an interest in the future of social and digital content and focuses on Disrupt’s view that the ‘Future is Creator’. The podcast teases out some moving, amusing, highly personal and motivating stories from each guest about their own inspiring digital and social media content.

Initial episodes include discussions with stand-up comedian and TikTok phenomenon Rob Mayhew; author, entrepreneur and creative sociologist Amy Kean; photographer and activist Misan Harriman; speaker, writer and activist Jamie Klingler; and entrepreneur, mental health advocate and co-founder of Social Chain Dom McGregor.

The first recorded episode, which will be available to listeners on October 25th, features stand-up comedian Rob Mayhew, Creative Director at digital innovations agency, Gravity Road, who is often aptly described as ‘The King of Agency Comedy’ and who has attracted more than 5.3 million likes and 150,000 followers on Tik Tok.

He tells ‘Status Update’ that he is still “bursting with ideas” and that his sketches are “a love letter to the industry” which have “changed my life.” 

Another episode features Misan Harriman, who was the first black person in the 104-year history of British Vogue to shoot the cover of an issue. 

He tells Status Update: “Finding the space where you can thrive without fear of judgement is the difference between the thousands, if not millions of people on this planet, doing things they are not supposed to do. What if the next Beyonce, or Jay-Z, or LeBron James, or Messi, didn’t have that place where they felt safe to chase their dreams.”Co-host Jake Crabb, Disrupt’s marketing manager, says: “These stories sum up neatly exactly why we’re launching Status Update. It’s about inspiring creators with the phenomenal stories of inspiring creators. By joining us on the journey, we hope to create a whole new generation of social media and digital creators.”

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