Disrupt Recommends – Our Favourite Podcasts Right Now

10 August 2022 4 MIN READ
There are millions of great podcasts out there, but these are some of the top pod's that we at Disrupt think are really worth listening to.

With the launch of incredibly popular audio apps such as Clubhouse, and the ever increasing rise of ‘podcaster’, audio influencers have become increasingly sought after. Often described as ‘storytellers’, audio influencers connect with their audience through sound rather than sight, disrupting the video-dominated space. There are various ways to engage the audience through audio, right from telling fictional stories to speaking about their own life events. There are millions of great podcasts out there, but these are some of the top pod’s that we at Disrupt think are really worth listening to:

Women in Tech Podcast – Espree Davora

Espree Davora, named a top 10 podcaster by Harpeer’s Bazar, runs the Women in Tech Podcast. This pod covers female entrepreneurs, start-up investors, designers and technology. We are all about female empowerment at Disrupt, so we think this is an incredible podcast, showcasing some remarkable females being absolute bosses, flaunting that women are the future. 

Source: Spotify – Women in Tech Podcast

This is Dating

This is Dating Podcast: a podcast that sets up 4 chosen individuals on blind dates and gives insight into each and every one of them. We absolutely love this podcast because it speaks about real life, cringe worthy dates that individuals go on, trust us, some of these are hilarious.

Source: www.thisisdatingpodcast.com

Diary of a CEO – Steven Bartlett

Diary of a CEO podcast by Steven Bartlett is an incredibly inspiring weekly podcast that shares insights to listeners from truly inspiring guests from different backgrounds, experiences and learnings. Steven and his guests speak about the realities and hard truths of being an entrepreneur and allows listeners to gain perspective and ideas from interviewing highly successful individuals. This podcast is so motivational with each guest being exceptional and thought provoking, but we are guessing you already know that!

Source: stevenbartlett.com

The Waiting Room – Dr Alex

The Waiting Room podcast by Dr Alex showcases an amazing insight to the medical world, being very informative and very easy to listen along to. He has episodes where he speaks with front line workers, discussing how hard the pandemic has been and how straining it was on their jobs, showcasing the dedication of the intensive care teams. It is truly an inspiring podcast, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Source: Spotify – The Waiting Room with Dr Alex

The team’s picks:

We’ve also shared what we love listening to in our own time as a team, here are some amazing examples:

Laura – Off Menu & Shagged, Married, Annoyed

I absolutely adore Off Menu – the podcast that asks the important questions in life – “poppadoms or bread?”. Each episode, James Acaster and Ed Gamble quiz celebs about what their dream three course menu and drinks would be. The set up makes for really engaging and interesting interviews, showing a different side to a lot of famous faces. A must for food fans and comedy fans.

Source: offmenupodcast.co.uk

Shagged, Married, Annoyed was pretty much my pandemic companion. And it seems I wasn’t alone as it’s had over 25 million downloads since launching in 2019. There’s no gimmicks or fancy formats, just Chris and Rosie Ramsey chatting about their life together.  And it’s the strength of the hosts that makes it work. It really feels like going round your friend’s house for a catch up. Funny, frank and comforting.

Stevie – No Laying Up

For me, podcasts allow a chance of escapism during the commute to and from work. If I’ve got some spare time I tend to catch up on the world of sport through journalists or specific podcast influencers chewing the fat over what’s gone on over the most recent week. 

So, in quite nerdy fashion, my most-listened to podcast is called ‘No Laying Up’, and it’s about golf. It’s a bunch of guys that release weekly episodes focusing on the most recent tournament of that week, the winners, the talking points, the fall-outs. It’s informative, engaging, and incredibly funny. It’s friends with differing personalities catching up together. What comes across is their passion for the sport, how knowledgeable they are about it, but at the same time they invite you – as the listener – into the conversation as part of the group. It’s an awesome vibe (for golf lovers at least!), and a delightful way to escape whilst being kept up to speed with the latest in the sport.

Source: twitter.com

Emma – The Infinite Monkey Cage

The Infinite Monkey Cage is a captivating podcast that explores a multitude of important and mind boggling subjects across numerous scientific industries. With guest hosts who are specialists within their field as well as comedic acts and Brian Cox & Robin Ince as the hosts, the podcast allows for tricky conversations to be accessible to the general public in a comedic way that makes each audio extremely engaging and hilarious.

Source: Spotify – The Infinite Monkey Cage

Due to the pandemic, audio influencers are on the rise. Platforms like clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and podcasts have exploded as a format for content creation due to individuals finding podcasts and audio apps as a way to keep them entertained and occupied during lockdowns. Therefore, more and more influencers have started to incorporate audio to reach their audience and drive engagement even further. We hope you’ve loved our list of inspiring podcasters! If you’ve got a favourite podcast you think we should be listening too, let us know on Socials!

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