7 Ways to create a successful influencer marketing campaign

December 2, 2015 - 8 minutes read

Influencer marketing can be hugely impactful to any brand if it’s done correctly. Working with influencers is rewarding. Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Social Celebrities and artists have tirelessly built trust within their audiences. When they promote a product or service, their audience response can be impactful. Sometimes through immediate actions, but also through positive brand association this can ripple driving brand awareness and future sales.

To make this work and capitalise on its potentials, it starts with the right campaign, and right influencers — Here are 7 ways to make your campaign successful.


1. Find the influencer to fit the brand

Attaching people to your brand can be nothing short of risky business, there’s a list in itself on how to find and define the right influencer for your brand. Getting the right fit however, can be endlessly rewarding. Influencers who have really captive audiences and high engagement can add untold credibility to your brand. This sentiment and trust they can deliver for your influencer marketing can far outweigh in the long run the click-throughs generated.

We believe influencer marketing can deliver brand awareness as well as a strong ROI, however we don’t put pressure on direct sales as much. An influencer campaign supported by a good media strategy is what will yield the results. Influencer marketing should be as native as possible, we ingrain the brand into the influencers story, instead of placing or mention the brand.

Our campaign with Travel and Lifestyle YouTuber Fun For Louis is a great example of mixing the return on investment. Not only has it drove clicks but the positive reenforcement around the products from his community has driven the value.

2. Do your influencer due diligence

Once you’ve identified your perfect brand influencer, who embodies everything your brand is, make sure you do your due diligence. Are they controversial? Do they talk in the right way across social accounts?  Inappropriate content associated with them? Have they recently worked with any other brands? You want to ensure the influencer all round communicates in the best way possible for your brand, never partner without fully vetting them. Your influencer marketing campaign should stand out.

Key things to look for:
+ Positive messaging and social sentiment
+ Little or no interaction with competitor products
+ Positive affinity to the product
+ High engagement compared to audience size

3. Focus on Building a relationship, not their reach

You may require the influencer to promote your brand, but you have to make it work for them as well. Their reach is not the focus, it’s the relationship you have with them, the stronger this can be bonded by value exchange, the more credible this will be communicated through to the influencer’s audience.

“Fitting organically is the key, you have to have reach but if it feels forced it will fall upon deaf ears”

Our approach is this; if the brand fits then figure out how to add value to you relationship, what does the influencer want? This can be many things, and in some ways the PR and activity your spending elsewhere can add value to the deal and the relationship.

With Louis he’d always wanted to go to Jamaica, and see the Bob Marley heritage, we made this happen with House of Marley, we gave him an experience that added value and in return we got organic content which powered his story

The better the deal for the influencer the more likely the relationship will be long-term. Just be sure to have a legal agreement that outlines requirements of both parties so everything is outlined in black and white.

Opportunities to add influencer benefits:

Integrate them into PR exposure

+ Promote them through brand accounts
+ Help them unlock things they want to do, small funding, experiences etc
+ Integrate them in brand marketing (where contractual agreements allow)
+ Give them early access to events, content and products

4. Influencer marketing should be a partnership

We are real people, so are influencers, working together means collaboration, this means that making a relationship work requires both parties to respect each other and compromise. Creating requests and not demands. We work extensively between client and influencer to make sure a mutual relationship is formed and based on respect. The brand may be paying but we have to respect the constraints of the influencer, after all they are a brand too, same goes for the brand as ultimately, they are paying!

We worked House Of Marley to add value to Louis, to empower his ambition. Doing this with a brand that fits is the recipe for success. Our vision for Marley and Louis is long term, so building a relationship is imperative if we are to scale the relationship with both parties.

5. Clarify your messaging objectives

The influencer is not the target, its their audience, they are there to translate you brand or message and their credibility is key. Align your brand with the influencers as a brand and their beliefs, not with just their interests. The message should be clear, and communicated though the strategy, right down to the influencers audience. It may be a hash tag, campaign concept or a product, but what ever the message is it should have context with the product.

With House Of Marley, the organic nature and brand values of the product aligned with Louis, the chant speaker is a perfect companion for road trips with friends, this fit exactly into Louis needs so the fit became natural

6. Use the content in as many ways as you can

Content is king so use that content as much as you can (make sure to include this in your agreement with the influencer) Use the content they produce on your website, in an email, across your social platforms and in advertising. On the ground photography, and stills from the content produced give opportunities to spin off other key marketing material to use alongside the influencer campaign across other social and PR channels

7. Make everything native

Native content allows the message or product to be embedded effortlessly. An influencer campaign may only be one part of the overall campaign, but if your running multi channel communications and adverts, how do they all fit together? With House Of Marley we delivered a multi-channel media delivery, spanning TV, Social Media spend and programatic ads, for YouTube we targeted key channels and Louis channel with native ads, the Pre-roll was shot by Louis so this didn’t feel out of place and would naturally lead to more conversions.

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