Award-winning creator Misan Harriman tells new ‘Status Update’ podcast of his daily battle with self-doubt

18 October 2023 3 MIN READ
World-renowned photographer, storyteller and cultural commentator says a huge part of his success is in finding a way to handle “fear of failure.”

Photographer, entrepreneur and social activist Misan Harriman, regularly described as one of the most widely shared photographers of the age and whose pictures have graced the front cover of Vogue and hang in the National Portrait Gallery, has revealed that a big part of his daily routine is his battle with self-doubt.

The award-winning creator is a guest on ‘Status Update’ the new podcast from influencer marketing agency, Disrupt, which is due to be launched on 25th October and features some of the world’s best-known creatives. 

The podcast, hosted by former Made in Chelsea star Stevie Johnson and co-host, ‘voice of Gen Z’ Jake Crabb, will be available on Apple and Spotify. It has been designed for listeners with an interest in the future of social and digital content.

The first episodes include discussions with stand-up comedian and TikTok phenomenon Rob Mayhew; author, entrepreneur and creative sociologist Amy Kean; speaker, writer and activist Jamie Klingler; and entrepreneur, mental health advocate and co-founder and COO of Social Chain Dom McGregor.

On the second episode of the podcast, Harriman describes himself as a “storyteller, truth-seeker and custodian of the human condition.”

A self-taught photographer who learned his art from watching YouTube videos, Harriman tells Status Update: “The truth is, I wouldn’t have shown up if it was a photography school. I would have been too scared to, because I failed every flipping exam I ever took. The idea of a professor telling me about photography history and this is how to hold a camera… I just would not have lasted.”

Harriman’s images of the Black Lives Matter movement have inspired many around the world. He was the first black person in the 104-year history of British Vogue to shoot the cover of an issue. In June 2022, Harriman photographed Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and granddaughter of King Charles III.

Harriman’s portrait of Marcus Rashford is now exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London and he’s captured Angelia Jolie, Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Giorgio Armani, Rhianna, Cate Blanchett and Olivia Colman among others.

Harriman says: “Finding the space where you can thrive without fear of judgement is the difference between the thousands, if not millions of people on this planet, doing things they are not supposed to do. What if the next Beyonce, or Jay-Z, or LeBron James, or Messi, didn’t have that place where they felt safe to chase their dreams.”

He tells the podcast: “Vulnerability is hugely important to me. A huge part of my success is to find a way to handle my fear of failure. A big part of my journey is daily self-love and the battle with self-doubt.”

Stevie Johnson, co-host and managing director of Disrupt, said: “Misan Harriman has inspired millions of people around the world, and we are delighted to have heard his captivating story first hand. 

“Status Update is the social media and creator podcast for those of us who find good content utterly inspiring and who want to hear from the people behind it, like Misan.

“We hear from all sorts of inspirational social creators, activists, authors, poets and comedians and we have many more to come in the weeks ahead. Come and join us on Status Update  because, as you’ll hear, the future is undeniably creator-led.”

The first episode features Rob Mayhew, Creative Director at digital innovations agency, Gravity Road, who is often aptly described as ‘The King of Agency Comedy.’ 

A stand-up comedian, Mayhew has attracted more than 5.3 million likes and 150,000 followers on Tik Tok for his award winning short sketches – and bright jumpers – which shine a light-hearted spotlight on creative agency life.

Co-host Jake Crabb, Disrupt’s marketing manager, says: “These stories sum up neatly exactly why we’re launching Status Update. It’s about inspiring creators with the phenomenal stories of inspiring creators. By joining us on the journey, we hope to create a whole new generation of social media and digital creators.”

The first episode of Status Update will be released on October 25th followed by the official launch party two days later in London. Misan Harriman features in the second episode, released on November 1st.

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