Top 7 unboxers right now

December 13, 2018 - less than a minute read

Welcome back to another top 7 countdown here at Disrupt.

This time our in house expert AGT rounds up the very best in the world of Unboxing. Brands are now turning to YouTube unboxers to review their products in a different way to your traditional magazine or tv reviews.

With unboxers, you get to see someone you trust using products the consumer is considering buying, and in this honest and engaging format it does what no other written review can do.

The stats don’t lie. A study by Google showed the number of consumers who had watched an unboxing video is an impressive 1 in 5. The term “unboxing” had over 60 million searches and 3 billion views on YouTube in 2017, more than triple the number in 2013. We have worked with several unboxers over the last year and our clients have reaped the rewards.

Take a look at the video here and let us know your thoughts!

Top 7 Unboxers from Disrupt Marketing on Vimeo.