Let's take a quick look at 5 social media updates that really grabbed our attention this month!
30 August 2022 6 MIN READ
If there’s a sure-fire way of making sure a brand is visible, it’s to host the podcast themselves.
17 August 2022 4 MIN READ
There are millions of great podcasts out there, but these are some of the top pod's that we at Disrupt think are really worth listening to.
10 August 2022 5 MIN READ
An emerging category in a predominantly video lead space, audio influencers are those that use live conversation rooms, voice messaging and podcasts as a means of social influence.
02 August 2022 4 MIN READ
Brands are looking to Gen-Z to revitalise. Those that saw peak popularity in the previous decade aren't walking, but running to the aid of influencers... and it's working.
05 July 2022 3 MIN READ
Having been in this industry for quite some time now, we've formed great relationships with influencers and talent agents alike which has allowed us to peak behind the curtain and get insight into what it means to an influencer to partner with right brands for them!
23 June 2022 3 MIN READ
If the brand fits, most influencers will be happy to receive a product and if they like it, share it organically to their audience.
31 May 2022 3 MIN READ
It’s had a bumpy decade or so but is standing strong on over 319M daily active users. Let's look at some of the new features.
27 May 2022 3 MIN READ
While Gen Z are much more aware of when they are being targeted with ads on social media nowadays, this doesn’t deter from the need to have what everyone else does.
18 May 2022 3 MIN READ
A high expense yes but is it worth it? It certainly can be, if done right.
06 May 2022 4 MIN READ
Which tier(s) an influencer campaign can include does indeed depend on budget and desired reach, but also what you want your campaign to achieve as well as verticals.
21 April 2022 3 MIN READ