This year, BeReal has been at the centre of a lot of conversations - mainly due to it's overwhelming success. But as we face 2023, can we see a future for this app or are it's 5 minutes of fame nearly over?
09 November 2022 5 MIN READ
From emerging new artists to older artists in need of a revamp, TikTok has been an incredible marketing tool for the music industry!
18 October 2022 5 MIN READ
"Anyone can be an influencer". Well, actually they can't... In this article we explore the realities of being an influencer and the skills, know-how and talent it takes behind the scenes to be a success!
11 October 2022 7 MIN READ
We’re looking ahead to 2023 and giving our thoughts as to why influencer marketing should be at the top of brands’ agendas✌️
05 October 2022 4 MIN READ
September brought with it lots of new social media updates either announced or rumoured, so here are 5 that took our fancy!
29 September 2022 5 MIN READ
Now the most visited site on the planet, the social media platform is a hot topic in the world of influencer marketing. However, it’s not the way to go for every brand and here’s why.
13 April 2022 4 MIN READ
The team has pulled together the Influencer Marketing alphabet, so you know your CPM from your ROI. 
06 April 2022 6 MIN READ
Content creation is more than taking a pretty picture. It takes creativity, resources and a whole lot of time. Influencers want to be paid suitably for their services and brands need to adhere to that.
23 March 2022 3 MIN READ
When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns, which social platforms are right for your brand and how should you be using them?
16 March 2022 4 MIN READ
2022 promises to be another exciting year for influencers and we’re so excited to be along for the ride.
11 January 2022 5 MIN READ
51% of Gen-Zers say that they would be more likely to buy a product because their internet online celebrity recommended it.
02 December 2021 4 MIN READ