As influencer marketing continues to mature, more brands are considering it as a channel that is part of their always-on strategy.
27 February 2023 4 MIN READ
Superbowl season is upon us! Take a look at some of our all time favourite ad campaigns from over the years!
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For brands looking to demand the attention of Gen-Z in 2023, it's crucial they understand what this generation cares about and why.
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29 December 2022 5 MIN READ
Which tier(s) an influencer campaign can include does indeed depend on budget and desired reach, but also what you want your campaign to achieve as well as verticals.
21 April 2022 3 MIN READ
Now the most visited site on the planet, the social media platform is a hot topic in the world of influencer marketing. However, it’s not the way to go for every brand and here’s why.
13 April 2022 4 MIN READ
The team has pulled together the Influencer Marketing alphabet, so you know your CPM from your ROI. 
06 April 2022 6 MIN READ
Content creation is more than taking a pretty picture. It takes creativity, resources and a whole lot of time. Influencers want to be paid suitably for their services and brands need to adhere to that.
23 March 2022 3 MIN READ
When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns, which social platforms are right for your brand and how should you be using them?
16 March 2022 4 MIN READ
2022 promises to be another exciting year for influencers and we’re so excited to be along for the ride.
11 January 2022 5 MIN READ