May 22, 2015 - 3 minutes read

If you are an individual trying to run a successful social media campaign it’s very important that you arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to succeed on a social media advertising platform. It can be extremely discouraging when to have your content sit idly by and not reach a wide audience.

Here are some top tips on getting your social media page noticed so that you can generate real connections online.

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1. Always have new content

Creating new content regularly is the only way that you can continuously engage your audience. Don’t produce just a few posts for your social media page and wait for it to establish the following. Keep producing high-quality content to attract new viewers.

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2. Let people know who you are

More and more people want to experience a connection with social media. Whether you are a celebrity or an average person, you have to have stories or create a connection to really relate to people. Ultimately you need to produce content for the people you want to connect to with their best interests in mind.

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3. Share high quality photos

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone with an amazing built in camera so there is no excuse not to take top quality imagery to describe your business activities. If you have a professional camera or photographer friend that could come in and do a session or cover an event to build an archive of photos. Stagger your images across your social media and release one per day.

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4. Start your connections from your closest friends and move outward

Even getting just a few friends or family members to connect to your social media pages in the beginning can work to increase your reach. Work out who will be interested in your content and what they can gain by following you across all your platforms.

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5. Don’t be afraid to use multiple social media sites

With so many new and exciting social networks out there you may be struggling to find the one that matches your purpose. If you’re a photographer try Instagram, if you’re a blogger try Twitter! Post different types of content with varying captions across all networks to spread the word to communities with similar interests as you.

6. Use the power of guest blogging

Offer up guest blogging opportunities or create guest blogs for other websites that link back to your social media page. Generating some traffic from renowned websites can be a great way to cross promote yourself and your interests.

7. Try to talk to some influential stars on social media

Track down some Internet celebrities or contact someone in your own personal network that has a lot of friends or influence. Using their advice or creating a piece of content about them you can use their network and fans to promote your new page and expand your audience.

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8. Try Facebook ads

You can market any of your social media profiles using systems such as Adwords and Facebook ads. A reasonable investment in these type of ads can really put your pages on the map. Target your end consumer and watch your brand grow!

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9. Don’t buy fake followers

There are plenty of different services that you can use to fill up your account with robots and questionable followers. The best level of engagement however comes from organic users who will actually view your content. Find like minded individuals who share similar content to you and talk TO them! The number one mistake people make on social networks is talking AT people and failing to spark a conversation with them.

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10. Stay away from over-marketing

If all of your posts on social media consist of selling and advertising product information with a link to an e-commerce store, it’s not going to create the same level of engagement as posting original blogs, videos and other engaging content. Of course you can post an advertisement once a day or even a few times a week but if all your posts are advertising content then you won’t build an audience. Talk about your content in an interesting and unique way to build a larger fanbase and you’ll drive more sales by reaching more people.