9 Ways to be a better influencer and get more work

September 13, 2018 - 5 minutes read

WARNING: The following has been written at a time when influencers (or influenzas) are NOT being good influencers. In my experience anyway.

You’d think that you’d do your best to be a good influencer and impress your client so they want to work with you again, right? Well that’s what you SHOULD be doing.

I think you can tell by my tone that I’m about to deliver some top tips on how to be a good influencer. There’s nothing groundbreaking or new here but these very simple things are often not followed, leading to a breakdown in the relationship and a poor ROI.

Influencers, PAY ATTENTION, this one’s for you.

  1. Don’t say you’ll do it for the money!  

Not to name any names but if I send you a brief and you reply with…

Hey mate, not really my style but if the money’s good I might be up for it!”

…then I can guarantee that I’m not going to put you forward to my client. If this is your style, you need a manager to reply to briefs on your behalf!

They’re always going to say you like it anyway so they can get their 20%. Silly kid, just lost himself £££.

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  1. Reply to emails!

One of the most frustrating things as an influencer a&r is when you spend hours looking for the perfect fit for your campaign, but can’t seem to get a reply. I mean, do you want money? If your manager doesn’t pick emails up that could be bringing you in £££ then, my friend, you need another manager. And if you do reply, you’re not going to get a nice reply if you say:

“What’s the budget?”

If you show more interest in money from the start, and nothing about the brand, then we know what your motives are. And we’re not interested.

  1. Follow the social guidelines!

With every campaign, we send out a brief to the influencers with all the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for their posts. The best thing you can do as an influencer is FOLLOW THE DAMN GUIDELINES. No-one is trying to hinder your creative process, and we all want to do what’s right to appeal to your audience, but please, don’t be unprofessional. That’s NOT going to go down well.

At the end of the day, we want to build long standing relationships with our influencers – that’s much better than one off projects here and there. If we tell you to do something, just do it. That way we’re MUCH more likely to book you again. And we don’t want to have 29 phone calls and 423 emails outlining why the content you have sent it wrong – so please, get it right the first time!

  1. Be humble!

Manners go a long long way. If you’re a pleasant, kind person then that will be remembered. If you’re a p*ss taking, half arsed ‘creative’ who thinks the sun shines from your behind, that will also be remembered. ARE YOU TAKING NOTES YET?

  1. Send your insights!

Without your post insights we can’t prove our ROI to the client. You could come up with the best piece of content EVER but without your impression/reach/actions stats we can’t cosign your work. It literally takes 30 seconds to screenshot your stats and send them over. Sometimes you come across influencers who are embarrassed that their numbers aren’t great, but hey, it’s all relative. So please, send them over so we can show you off and book you again!

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  1. Managers, don’t send screenshots of you telling your influencer I’m a pr*ck!

Again, not to name any names but sometimes professionalism is lacking in this world. After several revisions of content that was NOT on brief, a manager screenshot a chat he was having with his influencer where he said…

“I know mate, he’s being a pr*ck but please take another picture.”

Obviously it was a mistake for him to send it to me, and to make things worse, he deleted it, but at this point the damage had already been done. If you think I’m going to pick you again after your manager calls me a pr*ck then you must be dizzy! Bye bye.

  1. Don’t say that your influencers have no influence!

I was on the phone to a manager the other day and he actually said…

“I really don’t know why you picked him, he has no influence and has zero communication skills…lol”

Yeah, probably won’t be picking him again then mate.

  1. Have your contact details in your bio!

I know the cool thing these days is to be uncontactable, it’s quirky. However, it’s the worst thing when you come across someone who is great and ticks a lot of boxes but then you can’t get in touch with them. If you’re REALLY about this influencer life then you’ll have some details in your bio, for sure. So if you have this on lock already then cool! But if not, whack in an email addy to your page and I guarantee you you’ll get more briefs flying in to the inbox.

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  1. Don’t call yourself an influencer!

The worst thing I come across is when ‘influencers’ call themselves influencers. Look buddy, if you’re a real influencer you don’t need to brag about it. From my experience, the ones who call themselves influencers are… well, not influencers. How embarrassing would it be if you called yourself an influencer and then your results prove…otherwise… EMBARRASSING!

So, if you follow this guide, you SHOULD be a really good influencer, if not then good luck!

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Alex Gildea Trott