Akala collaborates with house of marley

December 5, 2018 - 2 minutes read

We’re pleased to announce that Akala and House of Marley have teamed up to look at the legacy and influence reggae music has on culture today.

The intoxicating sounds of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs from the 70s can be heard in today’s popular music. Play any song by the young British musician J-Hus (and his contemporaries ruling the charts) and you will hear the unique rhythmic beat of reggae infused with the UK’s own signature sound. It’s safe to say reggae is still riveting through culture since its explosive introduction outside of Jamaica’s coastline. In fact, you could easily argue that this genre is a foundational pillar to the music we’re so used to listening to.

That’s why for us, the last four years have been integral in helping our client House of Marley; a sustainable audio brand built on the legacy of Bob Marley, to connect with their target audience in a relevant way while staying true to its roots promoting conscious living, love and the power of music.

For our 2018 campaign, we wanted to work with a lead influencer who fully encompassed the meaning behind the brand and whose audience would see the value of House of Marley products.

That’s why working with Akala, BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip-hop artist, writer and social entrepreneur, whose politically infused music and writing is inspired by his own encounters with reggae, was an obvious choice.

The path of creative direction for House of Marley has always taken the route of authentic product placement. We aim to show the influencer in their natural environment with colourful bright settings. We did just that while shooting with Akala. We also dialled down the House of Marley branding in some places to make our content even more genuine for his fans. Take a look below at some of the content we’ve created.


On the weekend the United Nations crowned reggae music as an international cultural treasure, we released our second edition of Music Matters featuring Akala (the series premiered with Damian Marley last year). We hung out with Akala to explore his relationship with music and Bob’s legacy. The video was shot in Ladbroke Grove where the famous Exodus album was recorded. In this video, Akala explains reggae music’s influence on the world.


Akala performed for House of Marley at Boardmasters Festival 2018 in sandy Cornwall. The festival is widely known for its fusion of surfing competitions and performances from popular chart-topping artists. While there, we captured his time between arrival and performance, squeezing in a chat about what music means to him.

Take a look at his best moments on stage.

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