January 8, 2016 - 1 minute read


Stormzy has had a big year. No doubt about it, however its the early brands that become the real winners attaching themselves to the influencers. Some associations flow more naturally the others, and the impact can vary. However, Stormzy has delivered far beyond for Adidas that a gifting relationship should ever. We don’t claim to know the ins and outs of Stormzy relationship with Adidas, but what we do know is this; he has profoundly impacted Adidas’ reputation. Their brand trend rise 40% since this time last year. No coincidence the data correlates to Stormzy’s consistent release schedule.


We took a selection of YouTube videos of which Stormzy can be associated with Adidas, a combined view total of over 27.7 Million views to calculate the value that this endorsement on one channel alone (not to mention TV, Social Media reach, Likes etc) was worth.

At a base youtube ad rate of £2CPM (Cost per thousand views) Usually a pop up ad or trueview, with no association with the content itself – would cost Adidas over £50K to advertise against. Considering the level of endorsement, with Stomzy wearing the brand so heavily, we could map a £10 CPM against the views, which would cost Adidas £270K to advertise against. The endorsement on YouTube videos alone is worth between £150-250K and the impact its had should yield a premium. For contrast, Rita Ora’s Adidas deal was worth £1.6 Million last year.

Leona Mc Caul