12 digital youth trends for 2017

February 2, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Stay ahead of the game and learn how to connect with millennials in 2017 with our 12 digital trends. This ebook contains all you need to know about youth marketing, influencer marketing and the social content trends this year.

Millennials are the most sought out generation to market to right now. This diverse and switched on bunch of individuals born between 1980 – 2000 are changing the shape of business faster than ever before. It goes without saying that they are a digital savvy age group spewing out innovative products and are authors of the digital landscape. So if you have any interest in owning a stake in the digital realm, you should get to know its future leaders better.

This is the Connected Generation – the heir to the throne of the digital kingdom, bringing with them a whole new way of thinking, doing and consuming. They thrive on connection, community, creation and curation. Straight from the Disrupt lab we’ve put together a guide with our 12 digital youth trends you should know about to keep you connected with your consumers. This guide will help you focus your youth marketing efforts to ensure maximum success.


In the ebook are ideas on how to focus your youth marketing efforts to best to connect with this generation and develop that all-important authentic relationship with them. You can find out what young people want from the brands they love, their needs and how best to create content they are going to benefit from and share.

In the UK alone there are over 16 million Millennials consuming digital media on a daily basis. The majority are creators of their own communities, influencers who curate on their own media platforms and some have even started media brands to rival mainstream outlets. As masters of social media, they control what messages they receive with a quick follow or unfollow. So with that in mind, brands need to know how to develop a loyal relationship with their audience – one that will sustain through the ever-changing rise and fall of content platforms.

Download our ebook today to learn how you can stay ahead of the game.



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